Thursday, June 6, 2013


I've repacked my bag 3 times. I have to have some nice business clothes and more shoe options than the last time I went and I am not sure how much more to cut out. 

And it's getting closer and closer to the departure date. Ugh I suppose I need to just suck it up and take a couple of things out and just deal with rewearing the same outfit to more than one function. At least that way I'll have room to bring things back!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Europe trip part deux

So, I haven't written on this blog for a while. I've been a bit busy with law school, and I was all ready to blog about that, but I didn't realize how little time I would have. Instead here is my attempt to start again. I'm leaving in a few days for Dublin and then onto London to study international business arbitration. I'm getting anxious and I just want to go.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Sometimes when I’m writing I get so frustrated that I literally need to scream for a bit.  
I have so many ideas floating around that it’s hard for me to just sit and write out what I want to work on.  I always get distracted or start having ideas for something else. Or I notice that my apartment is a mess and suddenly need to stop and clean even though I’m trying to just get some ideas down.  
Which is why I could never depend on writing as my form of employment or career because I can’t just lock myself into my desk to get it done.  
I also have no idea if I’m a good writer or not.  Usually if someone doesn’t like what you write they just don’t say anything.  Or if they do it’s not very helpful what they do say.  (Other than of course my lovely beta reader smhartwig! Cause she’s awesome!) But I mean in general, from comments and reviews.  I constantly doubt if I’m a good writer. I like what I write. I think I’m witty and have decent enough ideas but that’s because they’re mine.  I suppose there’s a confidence I need to build in my writing that I don’t lack elsewhere in life.  And maybe that’s the problem, do all writers doubt themselves like this? Or at least some?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll have to ask them. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update from last post

I had an awful run.  I think I ended up drinking too much water and washed out my electrolytes and so I seized up bad.

I ended up almost passing out in Panera, was late for work and had to go home for a couple of hours.

I was ready to quit running then and there.

But... On Sunday, after work.  I was like, "I really want to go for a run... A nice and easy run." So I did.  I went slow and took lots of walking breaks and only did like 3 miles but it felt great.  So... what does that mean for me in my training?

I'm doing my other long run tomorrow early.  I've planned it out so that I go to bed early, get up have oatmeal for breakfast and put some powdered Gatorade into my pack so that I'm replenishing electrolytes along with the water.  I'll see how it goes tomorrow and if it's just as bad as last week I'm going to re-evaluate this whole training for a half-marathon thing.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm kind of scared to do my long run on Saturday morning. One, I haven't run in the morning ever.  Two, It's 11 miles.  That's 5 more than I've ever run.  I did 7 on Monday of this week and it felt great but I have to do 4 more on Saturday and I really should do a couple of miles tonight or at least do kick boxing for 40 minutes to stay on top of the amount of calories I've been eating (I am not doing very good on that end of things).

I can do it.
I know I can do it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Europe Re-cap and Apologies

I had every intention of blogging every day at the end of the day and uploading pictures and stories but it ended up being easier to just upload pictures and occasionally movies and some little blurbs about our day. 
I think the things I’ll remember most are the things I did wrong and learned from this trip.  And the amazing things we did.

The top 15 things I learned:
1.       You don’t actually REALLY need reservations like the damn RailEurope website likes to pretend. 
2.       Rail passes on the other hand very useful and probably save you a crap ton of money. 
3.       European rail systems are amazing and we should have them in the U.S. (ahem Scott Walker ahem)
4.       Dublin is the best city for travellers to start if they’ve never been to Europe before. 
5.       Amsterdam is only a two day max place to stay
6.       I know more French than I realized
7.       Hostels are awesome places to stay but try to get ones with kitchens every time
8.       Having even some language skills is very helpful when going to another country even though they probably speak English as well. 
9.       Travel with someone who does things well that you do not do well: Steph was good at holding onto important things (I lost my key to our hostel within an hour in London).  I was good at finding our way around cities.
10.   Europeans build things to last.  Even their cookie cutter houses are built substantially enough to last for years.  Ours are built to last 5 before they start falling apart
11.   Electrical voltage on things such as camera battery chargers, computers, and kindles sometimes are built to stand any voltage and hz from U.S. or Europe.  You just need an adapter for the plug.
12.   The underground and buses are ALWAYS less confusing than you think and a hell of a lot less expensive than a cab.  It’s also better to muttle your way through the public things than to pay the astronomical prices.
13.    When you get to a restaurant unless there is a sign asking you to wait to be seated, just sit anywhere that looks good and the staff will come to you then. 
14.   Tipping is weird.  It’s still done but only for very good service and not as high as in the U.S.
15.   Amsterdam is expensive for what there is to do.
16.   Should have spent more time in Paris and Dublin
17.   People in hostels are very friendly.  Make like a freshman and ask everyone to be your friend.
18.   Most countryside in Europe looks exactly like the Midwest.  Cows, farm houses, small roads, more cows
19.   Beef in Europe is different than in the U.S.
20.   Leave room for dessert
21.   Booze is less expensive in Europe.  (HOORAH!)
22.   Soda tastes different.  Maybe it’s the lack of high fructose corn syrup? It’s a mystery
23.   It will cost more than you realized
24.   Spend money on things you REALLY want to do
25.   The tower of London is not nearly as impressive as I thought it would be
26.   People run everywhere and it’s cool to pack your running shoes and do a little along the thames or down by the Seine or the Rhein.  Something that is beyond words
27.   Churches are different no matter how many you go into
28.   Museums get very boring when done in excess
29.   Kindles are a gift from the electronic/book gods
30.   Best thing you can do in your entire life

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm already itching to travel again. I want to go back to Europe but I feel like something cheaper is in order and something in the United States.
Traveling options for spring of 2012:
New Orleans
California (with a stop in Utah and probably Nevada)

North Carolina (To see my brother)
Orlando (I might just apply to go to the conference to do this so I might end up doing it either way)

and of course in June I'll be headed to Tulsa, OK for Pinto World Show in order to rock that and bring home some champion belt buckles.